Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Blog - Long See No Time

Hello There! Wherever there may be! It's been a long time since I've posted anything here, so I'll offer just a few introductory notes regarding my absence.

For one, it's scary to be back blogging. I feel like there's a big huge ocean out there and I have just enough courage to dip my big toe in some distant kiddie pool. It's not that I haven't had any ideas or that I've been totally lacking in outrage or insight. Maybe it's just that once you get out of the habit of something, it's hard to get back into it. Mitch Hedburg said "Well, how hard is it to quit smoking? About as hard as it is to START flossing."

Maybe I'm scared that in the long blogless interim I've forgotten how to write. Also, reading my past posts can be sort of embarrassing. I guess it's common for writers to disavow their past work as rubbish. I know I cringe when reading some of my past work. So I'll think "Wow, no need to add anything more to the already sizable pile of crap!"

For example, just look at that stuff I wrote about Obama. At this point I'm embarrassed to admit that I admired him so much. "A true leader" WTF?!?! He's led us to an impasse on health care, he's led us to accepting torture as an American standard procedure, and he's been more than happy to let the banks keep their strangle-hold on the economy. What a fuckin' phony! He fooled me! I should have known when he started marketing my beliefs back to me. "Change YOU can believe in." I still think he's in the ballpark of a human-being, but a great leader he is not. He's just another member of the purple corporate fascist party, albeit a likable and very intelligent member. I should have trusted George Carlin when he told us

"They. Don't give a fuck. About you. They don't give a fuck about you!"

Here's the clip. With a few exceptions, what George says here I believe is true. Please, please point out where George is wrong, if you feel that he is. (The clip is 3 minutes, in case you're short on time.)

The only part that I completely disagree with is that the state of things in this country can never be changed. Nobody knows the future. Also, he does not define his terms very well in his argument. Who exactly are "they"? Well, if you want to know, here's a great place to start. (I know it's a bit dated, but you'll get the idea.)

And a lot of "them" seem to belong to the following organization as well.

Thank you so much for reading, whoever you may be. My most warm and sincere appreciation goes out to you. Please post a comment if you are so inclined.


If you're like, "Will, what the hell is the purple corporate fascist party?"

go here

It's the comments section of this blog, which has to be the best place on the net for finding out what in the world is going on with the economy.


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