Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hi Everybody,

I'm gonna try to keep this short.

I have a few thoughts I would like share regarding the recent oil "spill" off the coast of Louisiana. Even in the industry they call it a "gusher", so spill seems a little tame, not to mention inaccurate.

1st-I did not know that offshore drilling meant setting up a "well" nearly a mile below the surface of the ocean, and then drilling an additional 20,000 feet below the bottom of the ocean. The oil BP is going for down there is more than 4 MILES under the bottom of the ocean. On one hand, I am very impressed with such an outrageous technological achievement. Way to go humans! I mean, that's almost as amazing as landing on the moon. On the other hand, it is obviously a pathetic act of desperation born of an addiction to oil. It's too late for an intervention, and there will be no recovery. Our society's blood IS oil. Hence, the worthy cries of "No Blood for Oil!" will continue to go unheeded, and our way of life will disappear not long after all the oil does.

2nd-Could the complete capture of our federal government by corporations be any more obvious? Read this...


And then consider how, for more than a month, our federal government has allowed BP to oversee the clean-up efforts. That's like expecting the fox to clean the rabbit hole.

So the answer is no. No, it could not be more obvious that our government is both by and for the corporations. They are essentially one and the same. We have federalgovernment.com.

Now that the inherent problems of such a government can be seen washing ashore, killing everything from fish to birds to entire industries, turning small town southern coastal residents into refugees, sickening those that stay, coating everything in it's wake with thick foul sludge, befouling entire oceans and all the creatures that dwell within them, decimating ancient wetland ecosystems that won't return for decades, and poisoning major food sources for generations to come, isn't it time to start over?

Out with the old, in with new, let the dominoes fall...