Friday, October 27, 2006

It's time for a new job when...

You're a college graduate and you find that the following things are true

-You work with recently released convicts.
-You are the only one in your department who speaks fluent English.
-You find that a few of your daily tasks can be done with your eyes closed.
-Some can even be done while reading.
-Problem solving is figuring out how to transport numerous heavy objects from their bins to your work-space.
-You notice that the words "chronic lower back pain" apply to you.
-Your boss is unfamiliar with the word "cacophony".
-Your boss asks you for help with simple arithmetic.
-Your job could be considered among the "hottest and smelliest".
-You are the only one who brings a book to read during breaks.
-And your co-workers eye you suspiciously for being one of them "readin-types".
-You get called "bookworm".
-People say things like "The Unabomber was just too smart for his own good".
-You start thinking that being a long-haul truck driver would be a step UP.

Marcus Singer